Welcome to Dealing With IT!

Welcome to Dealing With IT! On this blog, I’ll be writing about topics in system administration and operations. I do not have a specific agenda for this site, but I will be posting tutorials, thoughts, technical deep-dives and random linkdumps as interesting topics come to me.

To kick things off, I’m planning a series of posts on how I used SaltStack and their salt-cloud tool to build and configure this site. Salt is a config management and remote execution framework that plays in the same space as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and friends. We use it extensively at my employer, and it seemed only natural to put it to work powering this blog. More details can wait for the actual blog posts.

Who am I? Good question. To crib from my own About page, I’m Jon Henry. I’ve been working professionally in IT since 2006, spending most of that time as a sysadmin for startups and small businesses. I started this blog to write about my professional passions, share what I’ve learned, and interact with other practitioners. Those passions include system administration at scale, configuration management, server and app monitoring and analytics, working collaboratively with developers (dare I say it–DevOps?), public and private cloud computing and the field of Operations in general. I’m sure other topics will creep in but my goal is to keep things focused on those areas. I live in Colorado, and spend my working days as the Lead Sysadmin for Photobucket. When I’m not wrangling servers, I enjoy hiking, biking, blasting punk rock and metal, watching terrible amazing old zombie movies, and sampling Colorado’s endless selection of fine craft beers. Don’t tell the Denver locals, but I’m a huge Red Sox and Patriots fan, having grown up outside of Boston.

Thanks for dropping by! Meeting and interacting with other folks working in Ops is at least half the reason I’m starting this blog. So please feel free to leave comments, or hit me up on Twitter at @jdwithit or by email at jhenry@dealingwithit.net. I’m looking forward to getting started.

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