My Podcast Playlist for 2017

I have a lengthy train commute to work, so podcasts are a lifeline for me on several levels. They give me something to fill the time. But much more importantly, they keep me fresh with what’s going on in technology. If you’re looking for something to put in your ear this year, consider this list. I personally listen to and vouch for every one of them.

Datanauts, from the Packet Pushers network. Their stated mission is to “explore the latest data center innovations including storage, virtualization, networking and convergence”, as well as “bust silos”. And they do a pretty damn good job of it. The hosts are a CCIE and VCDX respectively, so they know their stuff. And yet they are also adept at getting out of the way and letting their equally interesting guests come on and do their thing. A recent episode with Charity Majors was particularly fascinating to me, and I have a ton of tabs open for followup reading. This might actually be my favorite tech podcast right now.

Speaking of the Packet Pushers, I also really enjoy their Network Break podcast. It’s a quick 30 minute hit of the week’s highlights in networking news. Product announcements, trends, acquisitions, etc. Superficial and mostly on the business side. Just the right level for anyone who doesn’t do networking full time but wants to keep up.

Software Engineering Radio is hit or miss for an Ops person. Sometimes it’s geeking out over the best features in the new C++ standard. Other times it’s solid gold discussion of things like salary negotiation, or Apache Spark, or some other new tech you’re going to have to support in production tomorrow. Their guests tend to be The Authority on whatever the subject is (like the inventor of PowerShell or Golang). So I subscribe to the feed, aggressively skip topics, and then listen with rapt attention when something good comes along because they are probably talking to the world’s foremost authority on it.

If you ever touch a Microsoft technology, RunAs Radio should be your very first stop for news. Host Richard Campbell is very plugged into that world, and the caliber of guests he gets every week reflects that.

Arrested DevOps is a great show on the eponymous topic of DevOps. There have been many podcasts in this space, but ADO is one of the last ones standing. And still one of the best. As “DevOps” is a broad and loaded term, the show covers a ton of different topics. Take a look at the episode backlog and see if a few tickle your fancy. And when you’re done with those, listen to the rest anyway!

Finally, I’ll throw out Software Defined Talk. Hosted by the one-and-only Michael Coté with a couple other dudes, it’s a hilarious roundtable of tech news and their takes on it. Plus useful recommendations on Costco deals. Just listen already. It’s highly informative, witty, and far better than I can make it sound.

I follow a few other shows, mostly hoping they return from limbo and post a new episode. I could do a whole other post of dead podcasts whose back catalog is must-hear stuff (RIP The Ship Show, and DevOps Cafe is an all-time-great but on life support). But the above shows are my weekly mandatory listening going forward.

How about you? What podcasts am I missing?