About Me


Hi, I’m Jon Henry. I’ve been working professionally in IT since 2006, spending most of that time as a sysadmin for startups and small businesses. At some point, I found the field of Web Operations and immediately knew that was where I had to be. The challenge of working on large, fast-moving, high-profile websites never gets old. And most importantly for me, there is always something new to be learned every single day.

Around that same time, I became aware of the DevOps movement. Exactly what that means could fill a novel. But to me, it’s about understanding and collaborating with others to help your business succeed. As well as relentlessly automating your infrastructure so you can move fast with confidence.

I live and work in the Boston area, as a Senior Systems Engineer for a large company in the travel industry. Before that, I spent seven years in Colorado, most recently as the Lead Sysadmin for Photobucket. When I’m not wrangling servers, I enjoy hiking, biking, blasting punk rock and metal, watching terrible amazing old zombie movies, and sampling craft beers.

About This Blog

I started this blog to write about my professional passions, share what I’ve learned, and interact with other practitioners. Those passions include system administration at scale, configuration management, server and app monitoring and analytics, working collaboratively with developers, public and private cloud computing and the field of Operations in general. I’m sure other topics will creep in but my goal is to keep things focused on those areas.

Contact Me

You can reach me on Twitter as @jdwithit or by email at jhenry@dealingwithit.net.